Need Help With Your City Planning?

We can help you with creating or updating the following:
> City General Plan Updates
> Land Use Code Updates
> Parks and Trails Master Plan
> Downtown Revitalization Plan
> Moderate Income Housing Plan
> Other City Planning Services


Ken R. Young, AICP, (801) 735-2191
Utah Community Planners, 10543 Sugarloaf Drive, Cedar Hills, Utah 84062


Success With a Positive Mental Attitude!

Date TBA

- Winners Always Quit - Learn how to quit doing things that hold you back
- Messages from Jonathan Livingston Seagull – Find your flight to perfection
- Who Moved My Cheese? – Make positive adjustments to a changing life
- Learning about “The Secret” – How positive thoughts can impact your life
- Examples of Positive People – What they do and what they say
- Six Thinking Hats Exercise – Learn to view life in a positive way

For more information contact: Ken R. Young, AICP
(801) 735-2191,

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