Need Help With Your City Planning?

We can help you with creating or updating the following:
> City General Plan Updates
> Land Use Code Updates
> Parks and Trails Master Plan
> Downtown Revitalization Plan
> Moderate Income Housing Plan
> Other City Planning Services


Ken R. Young, AICP, (801) 735-2191
Utah Community Planners, 10543 Sugarloaf Drive, Cedar Hills, Utah 84062


How to Update Your City's General Plan

We Come To You!

Schedule a training seminar with your Planning Commission, City Council,
City Staff and others in your city!

$399 for up to 8 participants
$40 for each additional participant
(Additional travel expenses may also apply)

 Elements of a Good General Plan
 Getting the Community Involved
 Creating an Effective Public Survey
 Creating Achievable Community Goals
 Putting It All Together
 CD with benchmark plan format files

Learn how to perform an in-house update of your plan
and avoid expensive consultant fees!

For more information contact:
Ken R. Young, AICP
(801) 735-2191,